These are resources (PDF's, charts, pictures, essays, etc.) you can use in your small group or Bible Study to assist you in your growth of the word of God. 

Presentations By Dr. Smith

Presentations On The Book of Revelation

John's Revelation: Observing The Difference Between Apocalyptic and the Prophetic Genre."

The Book of Revelation: The CCIM vs. The CLGH Method

The Devil Is In The Details: Observing Specific Details In The Book of Revelation

Can One Not Overcome: A Biblical Examination of Revelation Chaps. 2-4

Presentations On Philosophy

An Introduction To A Biblical Philosophy

Presentations On Biblical Authority

Biblical Authority & Its Importance To A Biblical Foundation

Religious Traditions

Age of Accountability 

Tri-unity of God

God The Father: The First Person & His Work

God The Holy Spirit: The Third Person & His Work

God The Son: The Second Person and His Work

The Doctrine of the Tri-Unity of God

Essays & Journal Articles

Can One Not Overcome: A Biblical Explanation of Revelation Chaps. 2-4

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