The Nyoo Mīnd Counseling Certificate Program
This counseling certificate program is designed for the purpose of eqipping professionalcounselors, pastors, teaching elders, lay workers, and others to counsel and guide others from a Biblical perspective. The features of this program are outlined in detail below.

The  Biblical Perspective 

Every course that is taught in Nyoo Mīnd is done from the Biblical perspective. In this program you will learn why the perspective from the Scriptures is central to counseling and the study of the whole man. You will also learn how the Scriptures have been central to the study of the whole man throughout the centuries. Students will also be able to recognize the difference between reality and falsity found in counseling perspectives, and the "oughts" of how to do proper counseling. Every course within this program is anchored in the Biblical view.

Flexible Learning Through Technology

Education, and the delievery of education, is changing. Nyoo Mīnd uses tools to give a comprehensive and integrated approach to learning and training for counseling. Students will not only watch the lectures videos through each of their programs, giving you the flexibility to watch the courses on your time, but  the student will meet with the instructor live, on a web-based platform (Google Meeting, Microsoft Teams, etc.) once a week via discussion to ask questions about the lecture; engaging the material even deeper. You can also access your classes from any device (IPad, Phone, Laptop, etc.)

Community Integration

As a student of Nyoo Mīnd prior to the completion of your program as a student you will be involved at an internship at which to practice your skills  (or even strengthen your skills) whether it be at an agency, a ministry, or some other organization. This will equip, or sharpen you, in your skill set as counselor concerning your organization, leadership skills, presenting, writing, and other abilities that are necessary to further become a knowledgable, experienced counselor.

Psychological and Philosophical Emphasis

Have you ever believed the discipline of psychology could be observed from Scripture but you did not know how it could be? Or how to explain it thoroughly? As a student of  Nyoo Mīnd you will be introduced to the discipline of Psychology, from a Biblical view. As a student you will observe the major theories and theorist over the centuries of psychology, examining their philosophies that establish thier thories, and compare them to the truth of the Scriptures. In the end you will have a comprehensive knowledge of the the discipline, counseling as a practice, and how to nagvigate between truth and error in when engaging people in psychology and counseling.

The Cohort Experience

As a student of Nyoo Mīnd as you take the courses you will be going though every course and completing your program with 5-10 other students. This cohort experience fulfills two objectives: 1) Classes remain small for maximum interaction and engagement with the instructor and 2) you will be connecting with other indivduals which encourages student connection and enhances success.

Affordable  Education &  Program

Education and Training in the past has not been inexpensive. Nyoo Mīnd seeks to keep the cost of counseling and training low by eliminating overhead costs, while giving you a premium and thorough education using the latest technological tools to enhance your learning experience. You can also pay monthly payments which would cost about the price of car payment. So when you complete your program you will add to your skills without adding to your debt!

Nyoo Mīnd Courses Offered

Introduction To Counseling Biblically
Theological Foundations In Counssling Biblically 
History of Psychology and Counseling
Biblical Counseling & Ethics 
Counseling Couples and Families
General Psychology
The Lifespan of The Human Being
Crisis Counseling
Sexuality & The Biblical Worldview
Biological Psychology & The Biblical Worldview 
Abnormal Behavior and The Biblical Worldview 
Social Psychology & The Biblcial Worldview
Practical Counseling Skills, Research, & The Biblical Worldview
Internship & Practicum Course (16 wks.)
Theology and Counseling Exam and Project (16 wks.)
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